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Your Own Real Estate Agent

It will cost you nothing to retain your real estate agent to represent you in your new construction and can actually save you a lot of time and money. A good real estate agent not only represents the transaction with the builder, but also ensures that you understand the process of what you buy and clarify all hidden costs of the purchase.

But your real estate agent’s commission is paid. Creator, your agent is independent of any specific housing developer. So your agent can inform you of all the new developments that may come without compromising any particular builder or apartment development. Good real estate agents will be able to give you the interiors of the neighborhoods as they know about the new construction. Proposals for new residential and commercial construction projects going down the pipeline and even paint a picture.

This is how the neighborhood skyline will look two or three years down the road when your new apartment is completely built. If you like the idea of ​​living in a new apartment, but you don’t want to wait a few years for the project to be built, it might be a good idea for you to explore the resale market for new residential buildings. Often times, newly registered buildings and multiple units available for sale were built on MLS that were never inhabited and available for immediate functionality. It also removes the guesswork about whether the floor plan can accommodate the flat screen TV or if your approach ignores the garbage dump where you can see the unit on your own and know exactly what you want. Going to get

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